21-Day Countdown to Success
Just name your goals. Then begin to achieve them.

21-Day Countdown to Success carries a profoundly important message: No matter where you are in your life, it takes only a few short days to shape your definition of success and begin to follow it with surprising ease. Once your path is defined, those goals that before were unreachable are now accessible, even inevitable.

21-Day Countdown to Success provides a unique, foolproof method to help you focus on your own personal definition of success and what paths will be most fruitful for your journey to success. This is a motivational 21-day program that urges you to follow through and explore one new path each day, beginning with Day 21 and ending with Day 1. Each day includes exercises, a journaling activity, a celebration, and a countdown calendar to mark off the days.

In the process of producing his nationally syndicated, award-winning radio show, Success Journal, profiling highly successful people, author Chris Witting has interviewed and researched hundreds of highly successful people, such as Debbi Fields of Mrs. Field's Cookies, Harvey Mackay, Bill Marriott of the Marriott Corporation, Bill Gates, Jose Silva, Lama Surya Das, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Lillian Vernon, Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines, and many more.

From his interviews and research Witting recognized that there is no single definition or universal formula for achieving success. Rather, each achiever creates his or her own personal success formula.

Start today...in 21 Days you'll be a different person!

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